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Leading Edge Conntrol-V 935i Infusion Pump

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Posted On2011-09-15
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Description: Approved for the safe delivery of TPN solutions, blood and blood products Deliver fluids ACCURATLEY with any IV tubing set (Abbott/Hospira, Baxter and more) Advanced "open" technology makes the 935i intelligent, helping achieve the clinician's desired therapeutic result with any IV tubing set The only pump that can be simultaneously calibrated to more than one IV tubing set Switch between different IV tubing sets with the flip of a switch Delivery Rate: 1 – 1100 ml/hr in (1ml/hr increments) Total volume range: 1 - 9,999 ml/hr Purge flow rate: 500 ml/h K.V.O., Purge and Bolus functions Memory Function remembers parameters from previous infusions Programmable flexibility Audible and Visual Alarms Up/down arrow keys with turbo mode Twin CPU's make the infusion process safer and more reliable Portable and Lightweight (5"W x 5"D x 8"H; 5 lbs.) Vertical flow for reliable bubble occlusion detection 3 hours of operation on fully charged battery @ 30 ml/h Service and repair provided by Leading Edge in Denver, Colorado Choose pre-calibration to Abbott/Hospira, Baxter or any other IV tubing set (limit two
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